What do you see? Flowers? A hat? An insect?

Ink Blots or “Rorschach Tests” as they are properly known, are used as a personality test. What you see in this picture can determine your personality characteristics and way of thinking. In wedding planning, flowers are the ultimate ink blot test. If you want to ease your boredom, sites like betend might be worth looking into.

Many of our brides think that finding the dress is going to be the hardest part of planning their wedding. They think that once that is done, everything else will be easy. Then we get to design and flower selection and it’s as if someone put on the brakes. Interestingly enough, almost every bride has more pictures of flower inspiration than they have dress inspiration. The difficult part is seeing what she sees.

For instance: you go to a hair salon because you see that the hottest new celebrity has this amazing cut and color that you need. You bring a picture. What is the first thing that the stylist asks you? “What do you like about this picture?” It’s important to know this answer because what YOU see is not necessarily what your stylist will see.

As a wedding planner, we work hand in hand with our florists to make sure that the vision of the couple, what is in their heads, is what they will see in person on their wedding day. Pictures are just not enough. We need words and descriptions to help guide everyone along. Because, let’s face it, no one wants the exact picture they found on Pinterest because that’s unoriginal. 

Currently we have multiple clients in the flower phase. For most of them, we’ve had to explain (and it’s true) that this is time consuming and isn’t going to be easy. Some believe us and some don’t. Some understand that this is a monumental task while others don’t. If you’re in the flower phase right now and stressed out, we want you to know that you are not alone. There should be a support group for this type of thing. 

Supplying pictures to your planner and florist is only step one. That said, supply a lot of pictures, and we do mean a lot. Never worry if you are sending too many because that is never going to be an issue. Be prepared to hear “out of season”, “out of price range” and “out of your mind”. But also be prepared for “this would be a great alternative” followed by suggestions from people that do this for a living and have been doing it for years. 

Come to your appointments with words and lots of them. What do you like and what do you not like about the pictures you are bringing? What’s important to you and what’s not important to you? Mostly: be honest with yourself and with your planner and florist. If you don’t like something, say you don’t like it AND why you don’t like it. Expect the same honesty in return. If you’re having a winter wedding, stop pinning the peonies. The best florists will tell you like it is. You want to work with those people. PS- same goes for planners.

Now, there are some couples reading this that are more laid back and probably will never need this advice. To them I say “God Bless” because you don’t know the mind struggle that these couples are dealing with. Personally, I had one floral appointment with one designer for my own wedding….no sample…and loved every last detail. That said, being in this industry, I know at what point I have to relinquish control and I do speak flower. 

But, if you are *that* couple (and again, many are) that has specific wants and needs when it comes to flowers, then treat it like an ink blot test. Not everyone sees what you see. Be prepared to take your time and know that your perfect table setting isn’t going to happen in the blink of an eye.

And if it does…if you’re promised that it will…do not book that florist.



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