Last night at midnight, Beyonce released her brand new album. It’s not just the amazing music that makes this a cool announcement, but the way she did it: surprise!!

No one saw it coming, and then boom, brand new album from one of the world’s best performers. Today, the social media world is buzzing with how great the music is, and how crazy cool it was to be a surprise.

The element of surprise is something we see in the planning world. From a surprise proposal to a surprise party and surprise performances, everyone loves a surprise. A surprise is a great way to show someone that you think of them all of the time. A well thought out and surprising proposal tells your other half that you want to make them happy and take the time to think about what exactly will do that.

We love surprise performances at parties as well. Often, we find that our clients want to share the planning process with their friends and family. However, we like to keep guests on their toes and we think the guests of honor should do the same. A great way to really thank guests for coming to your party is to surprise them with a performance: singing, dancing, live music, acrobatics, whatever you can think of! The best part of a performance is to never announce it. Don’t tell anyone but each other and then watch how excited your guests are.

This past summer we had the honor of witnessing a bride and groom be surprised by their family. The bride’s sisters put together a music video that was creative and hilarious. It was so much fun to see all of the work that the family put into the video, but not as much fun as watching the faces of the bride and groom. They had no idea it was coming, and all eyes darted from the movie to them. 

We’re happy to work hand in hand with our clients to surprise their guests or each other. The best part of having a planner on board is that you always have someone you can talk to when you just cannot keep your mouth shut. Not only will we help you surprise someone, but we can keep a secret.

What is the biggest surprise you ever saw at a party? Are you planning one right now? Share in the comments below!

Oh, and we might have a surprise coming on Monday, so be sure to check back on our facebook page for that!

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