Selecting wedding favors can be frustrating. You want something that guests
will remember and take home with them. Instead, many favors wind up being left behind on tables or thrown in the trash. It’s almost like setting money on fire. So no more chocolate covered almonds in netting!!

While there are many ways to get creative with your favors based on your theme, this is a chance for you and your groom to not only give back, but to express to your guests a little of who you are. Many couples turn to charities to donate to. But, and I cannot stress this enough, you should always pick a charity that is near and dear to your hearts. Something that you’ve either worked with in the past, or have a connection to.

So, October couples, your wedding falls during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you know someone that has been touched by the disease, or this is a charity that speaks to you, why not give out ribbons as your favors and donate to the cause? But don’t just leave it at that. While a wedding isn’t the time to get on a soapbox, there are subtle ways to show that you care. For instance, besides putting a ribbon on the table, incorporate the ribbons into your centerpieces or your bouquets. Too much? What about putting a note in the program recognizing anyone you have loved and lost, or someone you know that has survived? It’s not a charity event, it’s a wedding, so don’t go overboard.

If the bride is a teacher, what about a charity that is dedicated to helping less fortunate children? Love animals? Speak with your local shelters about favor ideas and what they could provide if you donated money to their cause. Love to hug those trees? Find a way to go green during your ceremony. The possibilities are endless!

The ideas of favors are frequently left to the end of the planning process, when really they need to be thought of a lot sooner. Many last minute details are left to the end, because they can’t be taken care of until the end..i.e table settings, last minute play list adjustments, escort cards, etc. Favors are not in this category.

When deciding your theme, think about how you want to express yourself. Charities are a great way to show your friends and family what you care about. Find a creative way to do it, and who knows, you might just inspire others to give to the cause!

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