Once you sign a contract, you are bound by it. For this reason, you should read everything before you sign it. If you need time to review it, ask to take it home, and be sure to ask questions when you need clarification.

Recently, one of our brides got burned by a contract that she signed. She was blind-sided when she was asked to pay a final amount that was much higher than what she remembered. Unfortunately, the cost had been previously explained before the contract was signed, and even before a deposit was put down. The obvious conclusion is that she did not read the contract. 

It’s hard to argue with black and white, especially when one of the last pieces of black, is your signature. You will not be able to go to court and state that you didn’t read the contract. The judge will simply assume that you didn’t care, and you will be held accountable for the terms in the contract. All that ever matters in negotiations, especially those involving money, are the words on the paper. We beg that every couple reads every last word on every last piece of paper that they sign.

When we work with couples, we have a copy of every single contract that has been signed. This is done to protect the couple as well as the vendor. We’ll remind couples when payments are due, deadlines in contracts, and anything else that we think they need to know. However, we make no claim to read the contract to the couple, and assume that they have taken the time to read the document before they sign it.

Bottom line: if you signed it, you agreed to it. No other argument is even valid after that point. 

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