Finding the perfect photographer for your wedding or next big event can be a daunting task. Pretty much anyone can label themselves as a photographer now, so the first step is to find the professional amidst a sea of amateurs. Once you’ve done that, it’s all easy right? Not if you’re one of those people that thinks they are getting all of those pictures on a disc as soon as the event is over. Here comes trouble for you…that is, if you don’t read this blog.

Many photographers we work with offer up various package options. In these packages you will see items like parent albums, engagement portraits, and other types of printing services. Now, you might be the person that only wants the pictures and would be find with them all sitting on a flash drive so that you can upload them to Facebook when you feel like it. Many people, however, want to use those photos in some sort of print form. Maybe they will be the “save the date” or invitation cover, perhaps they will be printed to hang above a mantel, or maybe they want an album for themselves or their parents. File all of that under “the photographer’s job”.

Yeah, sorry, but not too many photographers will be keen on the idea of handing you over raw files so that you can go print up a book on Snapfish. How unreasonable! It’s ridiculous for what they are charging! Right? Wrong.

You hired a professional photographer so that your pictures will come out kick ass. After all, why are you spending all of that money on design, decor and wardrobe just to have some hack job with a big flash and long lens not take a single good picture? If it’s that easy to realize that your photographer needs to be a good shot, then it should be even easier to understand that they want their work represented well.

If you take a picture that your photographer shot, and upload it to a picture book making site, the resolution is going to suck. Sorry, but there is no nicer way to say it. No matter how you choose to print it, whether you do it at home, at a store or send it off to some website, the picture will be grainy or blurry or distorted, but the bottom line is, it is NOT what you paid for. Now, the photographer’s work looks like garbage because you didn’t ask them to print it for you.

I could get into copyright issues here, but it’s boring and if you are really annoyed with all of this, you will probably google it. 

I’ve seen (and heard) many people start arguments with photographers that they “paid for” the prints, when in actuality, they didn’t. They paid for the session and whatever else was in their package. My advice is to read the contract that the photographer gives you and truly understand it. If you don’t understand it (and if you are assuming things) then speak with the photographer to make sure you are all on the same page. 

Are there photographers that will give you your hi-res images on a disc? Absolutely. We think those images belong on your social media pages and should be emailed to anyone you want. We do not think those images should be printed. If you want them printed, go back to the photographer and work it out. 

It’s expensive? Yes, it probably is. But, in the long run, you want those images to look as perfect as the possibly can be. The only way to accomplish this is to go back to the photographer and talk to them about how to get your printing needs me. Whether it’s before or after the party, it doesn’t matter, but you should always go to the photographer about this.

Surely this blog has ruffled some feathers or those planning and already stretching their budgets. We’re sorry, but this is something that had to be said. Too many blogs are out there stating that photographers basically “owe” their clients photos, when that is a lie.

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