Time to touch on a touchy subject. Flaking out on an appointment.

In the event planning industry, we see it all the time. Appointment made, appointment confirmed, appointment doesn’t show up. Maybe they got sick. Maybe they’re hungover. Maybe they forgot. Or maybe they just didn’t feel like it. More often than not, it’s that last one, and that’s no bueno. 

I have had clients flake on appointments on me. I have even had a client have me set up three appointments in a row, and then she flaked on all three, leaving me sitting there looking foolish. Not only did I look foolish, but the three venues I had to then cancel on, last minute, weren’t too thrilled with me either. You know what her excuse was? “Oh, that was today? Super sorry!!! xoxo”….in a text. Swear it. 

Bottom line is, it’s not cool. Whether you flake on your planner, your venue, your photographer, or any of your vendors, their time (just like yours) is important. Also, someone else probably couldn’t get an appointment with that vendor or planner because they were already booked with you. Oh, and don’t go killing someone off as an excuse. Very few will believe that your such and such died anyway. 

Harsh? Yeah. True. Absolutely. 

Don’t flake. Cancel with notice. With a phone call and not a text or email.

It’s the proper thing to do, and you’re not too busy to do it. 

We know it. You know it. 

Tomorrow we’ll be back to a more PC post. But it needed to be said as we head into event season.

This planner and your future vendors thank you for your service.

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