“…and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak..”
-Frank Sinatra-

One of the best singers of all time may have been singing about dancing cheek to cheek, but what’s more important to us? How good those cheeks look!!

On your wedding day, you of course, want everything to be perfect. This obviously includes with how you look because, let’s face it, you will be in 90% of the photos that are taken. It’s no surprise, that cosmetic companies are constantly looking for new ways to make the face look amazing, and once again, MAC is the clear winner.

It’s no secret that we at Golden Wedding Planners are huge MAC fans. The colors are beautiful, the lasting power is amazing and they don’t test on animals…not to mention they have a killer recyling program! Anytime they come out with something new, which is pretty much every other month, we’re holding our breath to see the amazing new colors.

Well exhale ladies! This week, MAC unveils their “Heavenly Creature” collection. Whether you’re planning a summer, fall or winter wedding, there is something in this collection for every bride. That said, we think it’s a bit too heavy for spring, but with MAC anything is possible. However, if you’re gearing up for that big day this summer, fall or winter, we suggest taking a trip to your nearest MAC counter to pick up a make-up artist for the big day, and these amazing new colors.

From “Pleasureseeker” to “Cusp of Dawn”, peach to pink tones are available for every skin color. Top your lips off with a Celestial Kiss or be Strictly Plutonic and you’ll shin for hours! What MAC is probably most famous for is their eyeshadows. This new collection from “Magnetic Attraction” to “Bright Moon”, will leave you feeling “Invincible”. There are so many new colors available that you won’t feel restricted to just being able to wear one! Of course you can finish off your face and be the “Center of the Universe” with a dewy glow using their skinfinish pigments.

Ladies, don’t forget that you need to look fabulous for that Bachelorette party! Golden Wedding Planners can help you plan the night of her dreams, starting with a MAC party with certified artists using their brand new colors. We’ll bring in wardrobe, spray tans, and even hook you all up with amazing limo rides to the hottest clubs and restaurants available. It’s truly a girl’s night out, so get in touch today to book with us!

From bachelorette party to wedding day, MAC is always finding new ways to bring out your inner beauty….contact us today to find out more!

” …and I seem to find that happiness I seek,
when we’re out together
swinging cheek to cheek…”

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