Your big day is coming up and soon you’ll have that other ring on your finger and be a Mrs.! Whatever your plans are after that, whether it means starting a family, moving to a new location, or anything else that life brings you way, time with “your girls” won’t be as easy as it used to be. Your Bachelorette Party is the perfect excuse for a girl day with all of your besties and we want to give you some fun ideas to try!

We’ve heard it all from weekends at the Hamptons, a trip to Vegas, spadays in Atlantic City, the works! But not everyone can afford to spend an entire weekend, especially an extended one, jetsetting around the globe to celebrate the bond that is girlfriends. Keep in mind that your bridal party is already spending money for their dresses, shoes and maybe even hair and make-up. They’re also giving you their time at your shower, rehearsal, wedding and anytime you have to talk to them about the latest guest list drama. While you are the guest of honor, this party is about all of you and your friendships and should be celebrated as such!

But the bride shouldn’t have to plan this party too, so listen up Maid of Honors and best friends! It’s time to plan the Bachelorette Party for the bride and all of you! Keep in mind what she loves and incorporate as much as you can.  Make it fun and make it personal, but most importantly, surprise the bride with how much you care about her! Here are some ideas from us, and feel free to comment on your own:

1. Start off by making tickets for the party, and only those who have the tickets can attend. You can make them fun like the pink and leopard print above, or use the bride’s colors. Send these tickets out anyway you like, via email, or even snail mail. Make sure that everyone knows to bring their tickets to the party so they can attend! Think about adding something to the back for each person to bring like apple martini mix or an embarassing hat that the bride has to wear all night.

2. Bring the party to the house by inviting a spray tan artist to come by and prepare everyone for the big day. Custom spray tans are really popular right now, and it’s super easy to hire an artist to come to your house. Take before and after pictures to show that there’s no need to hurt your skin in the sun to look amazing!

3. Make-overs for grown ups! Remember all of those slumber parties with your girlfriends back in fourth grade? Playing with your mom’s make-up and giving each other pedicures? Well now you can do the same thing! Many companies offer in-home spa treatments from massages to facials to manicures, and what better way to celebrate being a girl than that? This is also a great idea for the week of the wedding, if not the night before if you’re all staying at one location. Of course, don’t forget to bring in those hair and make-up artists to help complete your look!

4. Still want to head out for a night on the town? Have your cocktail hour at home and hire a bartender to mix up some drinks for everyone before heading out. Play whatever music you want because it’s your party and come up with a signature cocktail named after the bride. Then, when you’re all ready, have a limo outside to whisk you away to the hottest new restaurant or a fun club to dance the night away.  From a pink stretch hummer to a vintage limo, there are so many options available for safe transportation.

Whether it’s at home or not, the party should be fun and different. We help plan all kinds of events including ones like these, so email us at to help book your Girl’s Night Out!

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