Self care at home tips have to include things that make a person feel good inside and out. You could have the body you’ve always dreamed of, but if your head isn’t right, it won’t matter. Your skin could be flawless, but all that wedding planning stress is no match for even the best skincare products in the world.

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Right now, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that is creating a serious amount of panic in the wedding world. Brides have to think about postponing their weddings, and many already have. Taking great care of yourself before the wedding is always important, but right now, it might not be that easy.

Being confined to our homes means not going to the gym for that bridal body workout, and canceling beauty appointments to get our skin glowing. Does that mean all hope is lost?

No way!

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In this blog, I’m talking all about bridal self care and how you can stay on track without leaving your home. These self care at home ideas include ways you can still exercise without the gym, pre-wedding skin care routine products, and meditation must-haves.

If you’re looking for self care at home tips, then this blog is the one for you!

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How Do I Take Care of Myself Before My Wedding?

No matter when you’re reading this blog, whether we’re still in pandemic pandemonium, or it’s after the quarantine routine is done, bridal self care is essential. Planning a wedding can cause stressful situations you never even considered. Juggling those details while still having normal life obligations can leave you low on personal time.

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Everything included in this blog can be done at home. So, if you can’t leave the house because there’s a scary virus everywhere, or if you have no time to add in gym and spa visits, don’t worry at all. Just check out all of these at home products that will keep you looking and feeling good while planning the wedding of your dreams!

The Bridal Workout Plan

I’ve never met a bride that didn’t want to be in great shape for the wedding day. But even if that’s not your priority, you should still be getting in plenty of exercise as part of your bridal self care routine.

Working out is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Without gym access right now, you might not know where to start. Personally, I’m at the gym 5 days a week, so not having access to one right now is frustrating. I’m not a runner so that type of available cardio isn’t really an option for me.

woman doing pushups

Jogging, walking, running, those are all great forms of exercise, but maybe that’s not your style either or you are looking for ways to workout without leaving your house at all. Of course, even as great as that cardio option is, you should incorporate other things into your home workout plan in addition to jogging/walking/running.

What Equipment Do I Need For Home Workouts?

rainbow resistance bands

An inner thigh workout with bands is a great way to get those legs in shape for the wedding day. It’s also a fabulous way to release stress and super easy to do at home or anywhere for that matter.

With one simple band, you can take that home bodyweight workout to the next level. There are plenty of resistance bands out there, but I love the positive message of good vibes and vibrant rainbow design on the one above. This resistance band is affordable, easy to use, and takes up way less space than clunky gym equipment.


Kettlebells are another space saving piece of home workout equipment. These are great for a bridal upper body workout, and just like resistance bands, there are dozens of ways to use them.

The best part is that these are available in all different weight increments. I have a few sets at home that range between 7 pounds to 15 pounds each. You can double up and work both arms at the same time, and there are plenty of exercises that only require using one. Pick out your favorite colors and choose your weight preference right here.

upper body workout tool

If you have the space and are looking for the best home workout equipment for your upper body, check this out. A super simple design that will let you tone every part of your arms.

These are a great addition to any home bodyweight workout plan. If you’re not looking to lift weights, this equipment is the alternative you’re looking for. Pick these up and sculpt your arms with tricep dips, push-ups and more.

lower body workout equipment in white

I am obsessed with this lower body workout equipment for plenty of reasons. First of all, it’s works your legs in the same way a stationary bike would, except it’s small and compact. Plus, you can use this while also getting work done at your desk, which is a multi-tasker’s dream come true!

If you spend a lot of time at a computer, you probably already know how bad that is for your back and leg muscles. When you’re wedding planning, much of that free time you used to have, fades away quickly. Now you can take care of your health while working instead of wondering when you’ll see the inside of your gym again.

yoga mat and bag

A bridal workout plan doesn’t have to include intense cardio and heavy lifting. Yoga is another great way to practice self care at home. Not only will the stretching and poses keep you in shape, it will calm your mind as well.

Doing yoga requires very little equipment. It’s pretty much a mat, a bag, some blocks and that’s it. While you certainly can practice yoga without any of these things, you’re more likely to commit to your bridal workout plan if you’ve got some pretty new stuff, right? Pick up this cute yoga mat and bag so you can workout at home and take it along when you travel elsewhere to do those sun salutations!

Mental Self Care At Home Tips

Physical workouts are great for your body and mind, but there are self care tips for brides that focus solely on mental health. Let’s face it, if you’re planning a wedding, your mental health probably isn’t 100% right now. Along with working out, there are additional ways you can elevate your mood even when you’re ready to just run off and elope!

meditation books

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and bring yourself some peace while planning your wedding. In fact, daily meditation will help you deal with tougher planning issues by keeping you cool and calm.

How do you meditate properly? Well, the actual details of meditation are really simple, even though the act of meditation can be challenging for many people. If you’re new to this, check out this book bundle filled with meditation techniques for beginners. Then, once you get started, you won’t be wondering if you’re doing it right and can just focus on calming your breath and your mental health.

colorful meditation pillows

Of course, if you’re looking to take your zen to the professional level, then you’re probably asking what you should have in your meditation room. Sitting on the floor isn’t for everyone, but there is totally a meditation pillow for you out there!

In the same way that you’re more likely to work out if you have a cute new outfit on, having the best products for meditation at your home pretty much guarantees you’ll take time to self care at home everyday. These cushions are way more affordable than hundreds of other options out there, plus they’re comfortable while still being supportive and available in a bunch of colors.

smudge bundle

Another one of the best selling products for meditation is a smudge kit like this one above. Meditation, crystals, and holistic healing have been trending for quite awhile now, and smudging yourself, your room, your house or even your car isn’t unheard of anymore.

I keep palo santo in my office along with plenty of crystals, and I also keep some at home, along with even more crystals and a few sage smudge sticks. If you’re brand new to this, sage is burned and can be used to cleanse your whole body, home and more. There are a ton of other cool reasons to smudge with sage, but that’s another blog for another day. Just know that if you really want to clear your mind and your meditation space, you should cleanse it with a sage bundle like this one above!

essential oil diffuser in wood

In order to keep that zen vibe going all day every day while wedding planning, you have to invest in a diffuser. There are plenty of options on the market, but I love the natural wood design of this one.

I keep a diffuser in multiple rooms throughout my house, and one in my office as well. It’s a constant reminder to pause and take a deep breath, especially when things get stressful. Unlike scented candles, you can rotate all different types of essential oils depending on the vibe you’re trying to create.

essential oils collection

The thing with essential oils is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies out there selling them. Not all oils are created equal though, and it’s important to use only the best.

This essential oil kit is super high quality and comes with a diverse variety of scents. You can also mix oils together to find your favorite…mine is rosemary and peppermint whenever I am meditating or just having a rough day. Experiment with this kit and come back with your own personal suggestions!

Spa Self Care At Home Tips

Weddings are really expensive and while you might need those monthly massages and facials, your budget could make them impossible. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a pre-wedding skin care routine at home or create your own personal spa.

woman relaxing by pool

The stress of wedding planning can take a huge toll on your skin which is why you should check the new HHC products. Late nights followed by falling asleep with your make-up on results in a hot mess on the wedding day and your make-up artist possibly having an uphill battle to climb.

It’s not just your face that can take a beating either…cracked heels can’t be saved by one pedicure, and keeping your hands in top shape also requires constant attention and self care.

We’ve already talked about the physical when it comes to getting your body in shape, and the ways that you can keep your mental health in check at the same time. Now, let’s talk about self care at home tips when it comes to your beauty routine leading up to the wedding day. Oh, and no, you don’t need the huge tub or a bathroom straight out of a magazine either!

shower bombs

OK, these are easily one of my favorite self care products in this entire blog. We’ve all heard of and probably used bath bombs before, right? Well, it’s not always possible to soak away the stress in a tub…especially if you don’t even have one.

Now you can practice self care every single day with these aromatherapy shower bombs. Just toss one in at the start of your shower and practice that deep breathing. Guaranteed to make every shower you take extremely peaceful, even if it’s a quick 5 minutes because that’s all the time you barely have.

foot balm

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a foot balm that actually does something. If I listed out all the products I’ve tried in the past, it would be a mix of ones that were too greasy, ones that just sat on my skin, and ones that returned zero results.

Messed up feet can wreck the whole beautiful bridal look you’ve put together for the wedding day. No pedicure can cover up feet that are drier than a desert. Thankfully, there is this incredible foot balm available in various scents that will have your feet in tip top shape by the wedding day. If you love the idea of all natural products that are actually effective, your search ends here!

hand lotion

A bride’s hands are a pretty big focus at the wedding given that exchanging rings is pretty much the point of the day. Even with the perfect manicure, hands can look and feel super dry.

Whether you’re looking for the answer to healing your hands from the constant washing during the coronavirus pandemic, or just need something to save your skin after winter, it’s not easy to find the perfect product. Well, don’t worry, we found it for you right here. Natural ingredients that will make your hands look younger and compliment that gorgeous ring are packed into this hand balm you have to have!

manicure set

Messed up cuticles and split nails can’t be saved overnight. Thankfully, there are manicure kits out there like this one that will maintain the look of your nails through the wedding day.

Part of your self care at home spa should include your hands and nails. Constant hand washing, typing on a computer frequently, and other daily tasks can destroy those nails very easily. Keep up with this self care by picking up this simple manicure kit you can keep in your nightstand or take anywhere you go.

facial serum and leaf

Let’s face it (no pun intended) your skin doesn’t necessarily get treated the best when you’re in the middle of wedding planning. We’re all guilty of going to bed with make-up on once or twice.

Make this serum part of your bridal skin care routine at home so you show up looking refreshed and glowing on the wedding day. Don’t give your make-up artist the project of covering up the proof of those sleepless nights and stressful days. All natural ingredients that won’t clog your pours, this serum will end up being a staple for every bride long after those vows are exchanged.

eyelash serum

If you’re a bride going through the planning process during a national pandemic, your physical looks are probably going through it right now. Without salons and spas open, it’s on you to practice self care…just don’t try cutting your own bangs please.

Eyelash extensions gained popularity overnight, but if you’re in quarantine, you aren’t getting these filled right now. Maybe you had extensions but decided to go back to natural. Or maybe you just want better eyelashes!

Get those Disney princess eyelashes with a serum that will add both length and volume. One of the benefits of extensions is they don’t come off in water and you’ll always look like a doll. But if you don’t have them, can’t get them, or don’t even want them, then grab this serum to create the same exact look.

neck pillow in purple

Most people hold tension in their neck, back, and shoulders. Not able to get those massages under quarantine or simply because they’re expensive and so is your wedding?

Alleviate all of that stress that keeps your shoulders up to your ears every day with warming therapy. Even if you have absolutely no time, you can practice self care at home with this neck and shoulder heating pillow at the end of every day. Just slip this around your neck and feel all of that stress practically melt away.

Bridal Self Care

woman meditating near plant

Those are some of my favorite self care at home tips that every bride can take advantage of. Right now, the world is in a total shutdown and it’s even more stressful to plan a wedding. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon self care; in fact, self care should be everyone’s priority now.

I hope that you found a product or even a few that you’re excited to try out! Remember, it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Get your mind, body, skin, and soul right during this crazy time…believe me, you’re worth it.

Wishing you peace…don’t forget to breathe.


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