Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts never ever include neckties…or any ties for that matter. Let’s be honest, that’s what dads everywhere don’t want. So what do they really want?

You might be stuck looking for the perfect Father’s Day gifts for each dad in your life. What is the best gift for Father’s Day? What do you get for Father’s Day when dad has everything?

From expectant to new fathers, to stepfathers and dog dads, we’ve got you covered in this blog. Below is a full and unique gift guide for Father’s Day 2020, just like the one we did for Mother’s Day. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you never miss out on a gift guide you need!

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Check out over 30 thoughtful Father’s Day gifts for the dad in your life right now!

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Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Well, we’re still here in quarantine for most of the world…which means many of us won’t see dad for Father’s Day 2020. Boo to that!

first look with dad on wedding day
Domenick Michael Photography

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have ways to show our love! Shopping online has become second nature and it’s not limited to just food and alcohol.

Who knew?

We’re missing birthdays, holidays, and so much more as we practice social distancing. Whether you’ve noticed the extra time needed to receive anything being shipped, or you’re just a procrastinator, there’s no reason to wait to send dad his Father’s Day gift this year!

father walking daughter down the aisle at wedding
Images by Berit

We’ve got you covered here! Not only are there over 30 unique Father’s Day gift ideas packed into this blog, but there’s something for all of the dads in your life.

Whether you’re celebrating dad for over 30 years, or this is the first Father’s Day, there are gift ideas for everyone. Celebrate grandpa, your stepdad, and even the dad to your dog this Father’s Day. It’s all here so you can spend less time searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift, and more time celebrating (even if it’s just over Face Time).

father of the bride dancing with daughter at wedding reception
Jessica Janae Photography

Father’s Day Custom Gifts

Looking to add dad’s name or monogram to his Father’s Day gift this year? There are plenty of ways to personalize, and something for every dad style! Are you wondering what should I get my grill master?

customized grill utensils

Father’s Day grilling gifts are always popular. Why not update dad’s grilling tools and send them in a custom box with both his name and Happy Father’s Day wishes? Grab this gift right here and send it to the grill master dad in your life!

matching grill aprons

Another awesome Father’s Day grilling gift idea are these matching custom aprons. Pick one up for dad, and another for his mini-grill master to wear anytime they fire up that charcoal!

monogrammed dopp kit

Is dad a huge fan of traveling or maybe he just cannot wait to get away after the longest quarantine ever? Dopp kits or toiletry travel bags are super trendy for Father’s Day 2020. You can pick up a gorgeous leather option in the color of your choice with dad’s monogram right here.

customized toiletry bag

If dad isn’t a leather fan, but you love the idea of a custom toiletry bag, this custom canvas option is the Father’s Day gift you’re looking for. With plenty of space for dad to pack up everything he needs, this custom present is not only sentimental, but super useful as well!

gucci cologne

Turn that monogrammed dopp kit into a Father’s Day gift basket by including something fun like the new Gucci Guilty cologne. Dad won’t be expecting this extra little surprise on Father’s Day, so make sure to have that camera ready!

divot tool

Whether or not golf courses are open for Father’s Day 2020, if the dad in your life loves to golf, then you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift! This is a custom divot tool dad can use on any course, while still thinking of you the whole time.

engraved wallet

If you’re wondering what can I buy my husband for Father’s Day or just looking for Father’s Day gifts for your husband, you can’t go wrong with a personalized wallet. We all know that man that has had the same wallet since 1972, and it’s time to upgrade him with the one with his name on it!

personalized docking station

What to get for Father’s Day when your dad already has everything? Something custom where he can keep the everything he already has! Check out this rustic docking station that you can customize and will hold everything from dad’s cell phone to his wallet and even his car keys.


Love the idea of getting dad a docking station as a Father’s Day gift, but don’t need to personalize it? Check out this seamless valet that will hold everything dad needs including his phone, keys, watch, and even an i-Pad!

personalized socks

Getting a necktie for a Father’s Day gift has really always been a bad idea, right? It’s not like dads won’t use the necktie, it’s just that it’s too cliche and nothing special. These custom socks, however, are a totally fun and unique Father’s Day gift for dads and even your grandpa. Personalize them here and be prepared for plenty of thanks!

grandpa fathers day t-shirt

Speaking of grandpa…if you’re here looking for a Father’s Day gift for grandpa, you’ll love this custom shirt idea! Grandpa’s grandkid names all printed on the back make this the ultimate Father’s Day custom gift choice.

grandpa custom photo frame

If you’re not into the Father’s Day custom gift scene, but still want to send grandpa something special, you can’t go wrong with this frame. Find the best picture of grandpa and his grandchildren to add to this custom wood frame and send it off to wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What do you get your husband for his first Father’s Day? Obviously a necktie isn’t the way to go, so what is a good first Father’s Day gift? There are so many ways to go here that we’re even including expectant Father’s Day gift ideas!

baby sonogram heartbeat gift

If you’re wondering how can I make Father’s Day special for the daddy to be, check out this adorable Father’s Day gift idea. Get the heartbeat of your baby printed out and framed to celebrate Father’s Day 2020 right here.

frame with footprints

Looking for Father’s Day gifts for new dads? Celebrate together with a framed poem complete with your newborn’s footprints! This sentimental and unique Father’s Day gift can be hung in your home together and is guaranteed to bring smiles to dad’s face every day.

dear daddy book

Bedtime is always a special moment for dads and their kids. Make this Father’s Day extra special with a new book the new daddy in your life can read your newborn as the sun goes down.

father's day onesies

How adorable are these Father’s Day onesies for first time dads? Your little one might not be able to say any actual words yet, but you can certainly make Father’s Day special by putting your baby in one of these cute outfits!

Father’s Day Matching Outfits

Get ready for those Instagram worthy Father’s Day photos with adorable matching outfits you’ll want the whole world to see! Check out these favorites we found and get your order in today.

godfather matching shirts

Whether or not you have any Italian in your blood, there’s no denying how perfect this t-shirt and daughter onesie combo is! A Father’s Day gift for the first time dad is one that will always be remembered. Make Father’s Day 2020 one to remember for both daddy and daddy’s little girl when you pick up these matching outfits!

matching shirts for father's day

The Godfather may not be your thing, but if you love the idea of Father’s Day matching outfits, there are still other options out there. Check out this trio of shirts including one for dad, plus a t-shirt for the oldest and a onesie for the newest. You can grab this whole set right here!

star wars matching shirts

Is the force strong in your house? Get on the Father’s Day matching outfits bandwagon with these fun Star Wars shirts. Has the dad in your life been to every Star Wars movie premiere with your son or daughter? Look no further for the perfect Father’s Day gift this year….

Sentimental Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking to be super sentimental this Father’s Day? Need Father’s Day keepsake ideas but don’t want to go with personalized items? Check out these Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad in your life!

teddy bear

This might look like your ordinary teddy bear, meanwhile, it’s anything but. Record your voice and personalize those Father’s Day wishes for the ultimate sentimental gift. Even if you can’t be with the dad in your life for Father’s Day, he’ll be able to hear you anytime he wants with this super sweet Father’s Day present.

engraved keychain

We aren’t about to forget about those stepfather Father’s Day gifts, so don’t you worry! Throughout the blog we’ve talked about getting the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life, and that absolutely includes stepdads. If you’ve got a special bond with your stepdad, let him know this Father’s Day with this simple and sweet keychain he’ll see anytime he picks up those car keys.

fathers day signage

When shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift for your husband, it’s easy to run out of creative ideas and quickly. Trust me, I totally get it. Anytime I can enhance the house we live in to make it more of a home, I am going to do just that. If you can relate, then pick up one of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for the husband right here.

Father of the Bride Gifts

With COVD-19 postponing pretty much every wedding for the rest of the year, you might not be searching for anything “father of the bride” related. However, this is a wedding blog, and weddings will happen again, we promise!

custom cufflinks

Even if you’re not a bride to be, these custom cufflinks are the perfect Father’s Day gift. Personalize half of this stunning accessory with anything from your wedding date, to Father’s Day 2020, or whatever you want. That’s the best thing about custom gifts…you can customize them!

video game cufflinks

Is dad a video game fan? I’m obsessed with these custom cufflinks which would be the perfect Father’s Day gift from son or daughter! These are also perfect for everyday wear, so dad doesn’t need a wedding as an excuse to wear them either.

Father’s Day Gift for Dog Dad

Looking for fun ways to celebrate the dog dad in your life? Father’s day gifts from the dog are a super cute idea even if you have non-furry babies. After all, dogs are basically like our children, just without any of the talking back!

daddy is my homeboy onesie

If you’re wondering how you can surprise your husband or doggy daddy on Father’s Day, then look no further than this fun dog shirt! Dress up your pooch in this shirt and send him in to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day first thing in the morning for guaranteed happiness.

dog dad mug

If you’ve got a big dog, then dressing him up might not be the way to go…As the owner of two large golden retrievers, I know how hard it is to find a big enough size, let alone get them into a shirt or costume. Serve up Father’s Day coffee to the dog dad in your life with this personalized mug, complete with a message and picture from your fur-baby!

Father’s Day Glassware Gift Ideas

Have a dad in your life that loves to play bartender or kick back with a beer on the weekends? Let’s be honest, you can never really have enough barware, and Father’s Day is a great time to gift dad with something brand new that he’ll love!

shot glass

Stepfather Father’s Day gifts are just as important as all the other dad gifts out there, and many people have someone they think of as their dad, even if they’re not related. Just because the dad in your life isn’t actually your dad, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be celebrated. If you love throwing a few shots back with your designated dad, then he’ll love this engraved shot glass for Father’s Day 2020!

engraved beer mug

One of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas is this simple yet completely custom beer mug. Perfect for a Father’s Day gift from the kids, you can personalize this mug with all of your birthdays. Celebrate every time your dad became a dad again and pick this mug up right here!

engraved scotch tumbler

Dad might not be a beer drinker, and maybe he doesn’t like to toss back shots of tequila either, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really good Father’s Day gifts out there. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day custom gift for the sophisticated scotch dad in your life, then you’ll love this personalized tumbler and so will dad!

Even MORE Father’s Day Gift Ideas…

Gotten all the way through this blog and still wondering what is the best gift for Father’s Day? Not sure what to get for Father’s Day when the dad in your life already has everything? Here are a few more Father’s Day gift ideas!

blue white and black sneakers
Air Jordans

Whether dad never misses a marathon or his hobby is a morning jog, he will really appreciate these sneakers for Father’s Day. Especially perfect for those dads that hang on to those running shoes for way too long, these Air Jordans are a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea!

gucci slides

If the dad in your life would prefer to hang out by the pool than ever go for a run, then celebrate Father’s Day by gifting him these Gucci slides. Not only will he get great use out of them, but he probably would never buy them for himself and those are always the best gift ideas!

slippers with writing on them

From the marathon to the pool and finally to his home, you can spoil your dad on Father’s Day with these adorable and funny fuzzy slippers. We especially love this Father’s Day gift idea for first time dads who will spend plenty of time wearing them for 3am feedings!

apple band watch in silver

Got a tech savvy dad in your life that loves his Apple watch but has never (and will never) get a new band on his own? Let him know you’ll take care of that by sending him a brand new watch band for Father’s Day 2020!


Since Father’s Day 2020 is likely to take place during this crazy Coronavirus quarantine mess, dad probably is looking a little scruffy by now. Whether the dad in your life is your actual dad that you haven’t seen in months, or the husband you see everyday, this is the perfect self-care Father’s Day gift that he deserves!

Don’t Forget the Father’s Day Cards!

Nothing tells someone how much you care more than the written word…and we don’t mean e-mail. Whether you get around to sending dad a Father’s Day gift this year or not, it’s so important not to forget a card. Here are two favorites we found!

tiger king card

Being stuck in quarantine, we were all gifted the amazing show Tiger King and can probably all agree that Carol Baskin killed her husband. If the dad in your life is also a huge fan, then you have to pick up this hilarious card to celebrate Father’s Day this year!

fathers day card

We all know that dads are usually way more funnier than moms (sorry ladies), and if your stepdad loves to laugh, then send him this Father’s Day card immediately.

Father’s Day 2020

This Father’s Day is sure to be different than any of the ones from the past or ones we will celebrate in the future. With COVID-19 keeping many of us away from our friends and family, seeing the dad in your life might not be possible this year.

father of the bride dancing with daughter
Domenick Michael Photography

You can still make Father’s Day special by sending your dad any of these great gift ideas! We might not be able to gather for a BBQ, and your father will probably miss that round of golf he was looking forward to, but there are plenty of ways to bring a smile to his face for Father’s Day 2020.

To all the dads out there, our best wishes for a fantastic holiday…and be sure to reach out whenever the kids in your life are ready to plan that wedding…we’ll be ready for you!

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